• Oracle ADF Interview Questions

    Oracle ADF interview questions:-

    1. Explain ADF Business Components(Entity object, View object, Association, View Link,Application Module, ADF  Business Component Tester )?

    2. What is the difference b/w Databindings.cpx & Datacontrols.dcx?

    3.What is the difference b/w adfconfig.xml & facesconfig.xml? Answer

    4. What is the difference  b/w Action & ActionListener? Answer

    5. What is the difference b/w Request Scope & BackingBean Scope? Answer

    6. Explain Scopes in ADF(View, Request, Session, Pageflow, Application)? Answer

    7. Explain about Bindings in ADF?

    8. What is the difference b/w Bounded Task flow & Unbounded Taskflow?

    9. Explain Taskflow Activities(view activity, router, taskflow return, taskflow call, parent action, wild card)?
    10. what is setActionListener?

    11. How to pass parameters in Bounded Taskflow & Unbounded Taskflow?

    12. How to achieve transaction at Application Module level & Taskflow level?

    13. How to achieve enterprise level security in ADF?

    14. What is pagination. How to achieve pagination in ADF?

    15. What is logging. How to generate logging in ADF?

    16. What are Top links in ADF?

    17. How to do Client Side validations and Server Side validations in ADF?

    18. Explain about trinidadconfig.xml?

    19. How to do Junit testing in ADF? Answer

    20. Difference between Managed Bean & Backing Bean? Answer

    21. How to achieve Performance Tuning in ADF?

    22. How to create Dependent Drop downs / LOV's?

    23. Explain Web services?

    24. What is Partial Page Rendering?

    25. Explain about Property Set in ADF?


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