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    Hadoop interview questions for freshers and experienced

    What is Shuffleing in Mapreduce?

    How Bigdata differs from Database?

    What are the most common Input Formats in Hadoop?

    What are the Side Data Distribution Techniques?

    What is InputSplit in Hadoop?

    What is HDFS?

    What is Secondary Name node, a poorly named component of Hadoop

    What is Difference between Secondary name node, Checkpoint name node & backup node?

    What is speculative execution in Hadoop?

    Can we deploy job tracker other than name node?

    What if job tracker machine is down?

    Whats is Distributed Cache in Hadoop?

    What is the purpose of RecordReader in Hadoop?

    Name the most common InputFormats defined in Hadoop? Which one is default?

    What is a Combiner?

    What is task tracker?

    What is the difference between MapReduce engine and HDFS cluster?

    What is the relationship between Jobs and Tasks in Hadoop?

    How does speculative execution works in Hadoop?

    What is Hadoop Streaming?

    How Hadoop differs from SETI?

    How can you set an arbitrary number of mappers to be created for a job in Hadoop?

    How did you debug your Hadoop code?


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