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    WebCenter Interview Questions

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    Oracle WebCenter  Interview questions:-

     1.What is Portal/Portlet/Pagelet? Answer

     2.Difference b/w  Portlet and Pagelet? Answer

     3.Difference between Customization and Personalization?    Answer

     4.Explain about MDS Repository Directory?
     Answer: When users did some personalization to their blog and they wish to see the  saved content on the next day. In order to achieve this we have a directory called MDS repository directory.  It is used to preserve or delete customizations before each run.

    Right click on the application and select application properties. In the application properties select Run-->MDS. In the Directory content select the options you need.

     5.How to store reusable components in ADF?

     6.What is Resource Catalog?
     Answer: Resource catalog is used to store some reusable components like pages, taskflow, images, etc,. which can be added at run time.

     7.What is Portal Web Assets project?
     Answer: It is a project by default comes whenever we created a webcenter application. It is used to store the static content of the particular project like images, HTML. we can also run this project in other servers independently in order to reduce the burden on the main application server.To do so we have to remove the dependencies.

     8.What are Run time customization tools in webcenter?

     9.What is Oracle Composer?
    Answer: Oracle Webcenter provides both run time and design time tools for building portal applications/social networking websites/transactional sites,etc..
    Webcenter provides some privileges to admin and users of the particular portal application to perform these customization's.In order to enable the Run time editing we need a tool called Oracle Composer

    10.Explain about some run time customizing components in Oracle Composer?

    11.What are the roles of Administrator and user in Webcenter application?

    12.What is Content Management?

     13.How to connect UCM with webCenter Application?

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