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    Customizing Business Rules in ADF

    In ADF, Business rules are customized  mostly at entity level because the entity object  definition performs DML operations like INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE
    We can customize business rules or any validations on attribute & row level by extending a class from oracle.jbo.server.EntityImpl

     for example
    If u want to customize a attribute of an Entity Object.
    Then it has to be done in the respective EOimpl class which extends Entity object class (oracle.jbo.server.EntityImpl)

    Here i  want to set an attribute value to be displayed in uppercase. change the getter method as follows.

    The extended class contains type safe getters & setters for each attribute like getFirstName, setFirstName etc...
    Typesafe getters and setters are ideal places to put attribute-level business rules, such as validation logic.
    They contain calls to the methods EntityImpl.getAttributeInternal() and EntityImpl.setAttributeInternal() respectively, and by wrapping that call in additional code (such as an if-then block), you can place conditions on attribute change or access, or enforce logic before or after the attribute is accessed or changed.

    For more information : Implementing Business Rules

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