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    adfc-config.xml & Faces-config.xml

    Both are the configuration files

    This file contains configurations for a web application build using JSF
     The JSF configuration file is where you register a JSF application's resources such as custom validators and managed beans, and define all the page-to-page navigation rules.
    It is also used for language, locale configuration and Resource Bundles creation.
    In JDeveloper, when you create a project that uses JSF technology, an empty faces-config.xml file is created for you in the /WEB-INF directory. An empty faces-config.xml file is also automatically added for you when you create a new application workspace based on an application template that uses JSF technology .

    ADF faces are on top of JSF with lot of new features. ADF faces uses adfc-config.xml to keep its configurations.   

    It is a Unbounded task flow, Each Fusion web application optionally contains a single ADF unbounded task flow. 

    adfc_config.xml file contains activities, control flow rules, and managed beans interacting to allow a user to complete a task.
    The adfc-config.xml file is located in the /public_html/WEB-INF directory relative to the ADF application's user interface project.

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